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Question: I am 21 weeks pregnant and my cervix is 2.5 cm with funneling. I already had cerclage at 13 weeks. I am having twin pregnancy. Pls. suggest what precautions should i take, i am really scares.

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Answer: Take bed rest in my first scan my cervical length is 3cm after fully I take best rest now is 4.9cm don't use stair case also
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Question: Hai am 13 weeks pregnant.. I had umbilical hernia and am already overweight.... is there any risk with it??? And suggest me some precautions to take... please
Answer: Dear weight has to be kept under control. I would say first of all start with making sure physical activity is part of your daily schedule for atleast 1 hours. Trust me a 1 hour walk is sufficient to keep that weight under control during pregnancy and otherwise. The advice to avoid hernia surgery during pregnancy is, almost certainly, the best way. The best advice is often to leave well alone until after the baby is born and you have completely recovered. This can be no more than three to six months. Hernias during pregnancy do not normally affect the baby or its development. Hope it helps.
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Question: what precautions should be taken with short cervix. I have 2.5 cm. in 21 weeks.
Answer: Ask doctor about limitations of your activity.. and in case of spotting and bleeding rush to hospital immediately.. increase food rich of iron.. blood loss will not impact you much..
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Question: My cervix length was 3.5 cms at 13 weeks and 3 cms at 21 weeks.. What precautions should I take to maintain the cervix length
Answer: Take rest and sleep more on the left side. The cervix length now is norrmal. Nothing to worry
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