36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 35 weeks pregnant and my baby's weight is 3 kgs... how much baby will gain more

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Answer: Hie It's in the final trimester that the baby puts on the weight don't bother weight doesn't decide on the delivery procedure If anything it's good for the baby to gain weight he might put on a kg on the max
Answer: Hello! The weight of the baby is very good don't about the weight just stay positive and enjoy ur last days of pregnancy. All the best
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Question: How to gain weight for my baby
Answer: The first food that you can introduce is start with rice and dal water, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot Puree, vegetables and fruits, porridges of rawa or ragi. Make sure you start with one spoon and increase it gradually. Also when you start something continue the same food for 3 days and then change... Baby would put on weight automatically.. Take care.
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Question: How much sleep is necessary for a 7 weeks old .? my baby only sleeps for about 10-12 hrs per day some time less i am worried. Please help moms. And I saw mucous in my baby's poop today
Answer: Dear, mucous stools are common in babies.generally new borns sleep about 8-9 hours in the day time and about 8 hours at night.but they may not sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time.but it varies from baby to baby and months to months also.because most of babies does not have much of a pattern to sleep schedule.take care of your baby
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Question: How can my baby weight gain ?
Answer: Take fruits and dry fruits.... drink 2 glasses of milk if u can.... u can add mother's horlicks with milk...it helps to increase baby's weight..... and the most important thing is rest..... take rest as much as can.
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