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Question: I am 21 weeks pregnant and My amniotic fluid index is 10.4.is it OK at this 21 week

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Answer: hi dear! amniotic fluid should be aaprox 10-14 dear . but i would advice you to take l arginine sachets like argiprime dear. this will help to increase the amniotic fluid dear. take care.
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Question: Am in 32nd week of my pregnancy and my fluid index is 21 is it ok
Answer: Hello dear No problem should be there but later on ur afi level will gradually decrease. It Means it will decrease in coming weeks as baby starts swallowing it and later it comes out in his pee
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Question: Hi i am 28 weeks pregnant, my amniotic fluid index is 18.6. Is it normal. Doctor said u'r amniotic fluid index is high.Naturally can i reduce fluid?
Answer: Hi it gets very complicated to go for a normal delivery.Your doctor has to drain the excess fluid with canulas if you really want to go for a normal delivery with high blood pressure which puts you on bleeding risk and preeclampsia. It would be better if you try to control your b.p and take medications timely. For c section wait till a week.
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Question: My Amniotic fluid index is 12.6 Is it it normal now at 40 weeks??
Answer: 8-18 is normal nothing to worry. N get ready for delivery all d best n congratulations in advance dear
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