36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 36 weeks pregnant and mybaby is in transverse position.what are the chances for normal delivery. Will the baby come in its normal position

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Answer: Hello! At 36 weeks, the chances of the baby to change its position is very less. Hence ,having normal delivery might not be possible. I would request you to be also mentally prepared for C-section also. Take care
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Question: I m 36 weeks pregnant,my baby is in transverse position should i go for c section delivery or wait for labour pain??are there chances to move head down position?
Answer: Hi,there are chances that baby turns it's position although the chances are very less But still better to wait until your Dr suggests to go in for csec
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Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant and my baby is in breech position.. When will it come to head down position? Do I have chances for normal delivery?
Answer: S Wait upto the date Walk more Use staircase Do exercise squats pelvic
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Question: My baby is in transverse position.what are the chances for normal delivery?
Answer: Transverse lie means that your baby is lying sideways across your tummy, rather than in a head-down position. It's a common position for your baby to take in early pregnancy. Most babies will get themselves into a head-down position by the end of the final trimester. If your baby stays in the transverse lie position, your doctor may offer to turn your baby by hand during a procedure called external cephalic version (ECV), after 36 weeks. If this is successful, you can wait for labour to start. If not, your doctor will recommend a planned caesarean as it won't be possible for your baby to be born vaginally. You may also have extra care in the final weeks of your pregnancy
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