24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiii i am 23 weeks pregnant. And i hope my baby's hair should b heavy nd smooth with fair complexion of skin. As me and my husband have fair complexion and my own hair growth is good as well. what should i do for my baby's beautification?

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Answer: Eat healthy , drink coconut water daily....
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Question: My baby's skin color becoming dark. Me and my husband both r fair complexion .what could be reason
Answer: Don't worry Dr it's a u use which products to baby its not suits to baby that's y
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Question: My mother in law want fair child. As I m worried coz my skin in wheatish complexion and my husband ' s skin is fair. Though I am taking daily sweetlime and saffron with milk.
Answer: Hi dear, There is no food or drink that could give you a fair baby.baby's complexion is decided by genes.these are all heredity characters.some people do say ,taking saffron during pregnancy,makes baby fair etc,but it is a complete myth.your baby skin colour won't change through diet,but it could become healthy and supple by healthy diet.so wish for healthy skin rather fair skin.fair unhealthy skin is not wished by any.
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Question: I found hair in my baby's poop.. He shallowed his own hair with his hand. What should I do?
Answer: Hi dear it is common for babies at this age because they tend to put everything in their mouth you need to be watchful there is nothing else that you can do about it, keep your hair tied well so that there is no loose head around which the baby can put in the mouth.. Hope this helps!
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