37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 36 weeks pregnant and have been detected with interhepatic cholestasis..my sgot sgpt and bile acids levels are abnormally high.doctor has advised to induce labor at 37 weeks.i am worried

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Answer: Hi,yes this is a right decision to induce labor to avoid further complications and it is better for you as well as your baby In case labor doesent work you will have to go in for a csec Till then relax and don't take stress All the best
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Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant and hve diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis. What lifestyle and diet changes should i do?
Answer: Hi dear, When the flow of bile gets blocked or reduced from liver,you get this itching all over body,which is also known as cholestasis.it is caused due to: 1- some infection or disease 2-hormonal fluctuations 3-some drug use 4-genetic abnormalities Pregnancy increases the risk of getting cholestasis.Pregnancy hormones may also cause this condition. That’s because they can affect your gallbladder function, allowing bile to build up and flow over into your blood stream.most of the cases in pregnancy are non threatening but it could have serious health impacts like: 1- pre term delivery 2- fetal distress 3- still birth Though it resolves post delivery,but in future you might be at risk of developing diabetes and liver issues.
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Question: I am 29 weeks pregnant. Have been diagnosed with high SGPT(300) and high SGOT (140) leves after blood test..Can it be harmfull for my baby?
Answer: Elevated alkaline phosphatase levels of two to four times normal late in pregnancy are not a reason for concern. Elevated levels early in pregnancy may indicate a problem with the liver or bones and do need evaluation, although ALP levels alone are not diagnostic of any one disease since heart disorders, certain cancers, autoimmune diseases and gastrointestinal disorders can also cause a rise in ALP. Diseases such as mononucleosis and cytomegalovirus, which can be harmful to a fetus, can also cause rises in ALP. dont worry.. be strong... trust and follow your doctor suggestion.
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Question: Hello I am 36 weeks pregnant..i had obstetrics cholestasis from 30 weeks of pregnancy..dr has advised medicine n now my cholestasis is normal..but also i have been advised to do CS delivery at 37 weeks..i am little worried as it is pre term delivery..can u suggest me is it normal in such case..or should i wait till 40 weeks..
Answer: Hi dear,don't wait ,it is all ok to get the delivery done any time bet 36-40 weeks.it is safe. So you don't need to wait. It is better to get csec done All the best
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