33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant and from 2 days I have mucus in the stools....is it an alaraming condition or is this common in pregnancy?

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Question: i have severe wrist pain since 2 weeks. am 32 weeks pregnant. i can't even hold my brush because of the pain. is that common in pregnancy??
Answer: Yes it is very common during pregnancy It is mainly due to the fluid retention You can apply ice for pain Also apply painkiller gel And to range of motion exercise like rotate your wrist Hold one wrist with your other hand and massage it with a circular movement.  If you notice numbness or tingling sensation then consult your doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi I am 15 weeks pregnant and I am having legs pain from 2 days, Is this common?
Answer: Hello dear, its quite common to have leg pain in 15 weeks. Its just because of some hormonal imbalance. Baby is about to form so our body parts becomes some loose and joint pain will start at back bone, thighs. No need to worry. Doctor will prescribe you calcium and iron tablets to make our bones strong.
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Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant and experiencing swelling from the ankle to the fingers on the leg. Is this common?
Answer: Hi.. Swelling is normal in pregnancy. Swelling, which is also called edema, is experienced in the hands, face, legs, ankles, and feet. But sometimes this swelling can be serious. It is due to your body hanging onto excess fluids, especially in the hands and feet. don't sit and stand for long time. Drink more water. Drink less caffeine. Exercise regularly.
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