38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 37 weeks pregnant and after pregnancy I suffered pcod problem but my pregnancy has come this problem my baby what problem suffered plz help me

Answer: If you are taking the medications regularly then do not worry your baby will not be affected you might experience heavy bleeding at the time of delivery also please confirm are you taking medications for thyroid if you are taking the medications then you will have to continue them till term if your PCOD treatment includes thyroid medication then do not skip them
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Question: I am 10 weeks pregnant, but ultrasound shows only 6 weeks, Doctor said me to terminate the pregnancy, I have PCOD, I am getting pregnant after 3 years, I worried, can I pregnant after terminate this pregnancy, and can I have same problem on that time..... Plz tell me
Answer: hi, may be the doctor has asked you to terminate because the feteus is not growing properly. But before taking the big decision, please consult another doctor too.
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Question: Hi i m 26 weeks pregnant and i hv lots of pain during sex, this problem has been increas after pregnancy plz tell me about something
Answer: Its because u have no interest in sex or else u r stressfull about pregnancy. Pain is due to the absence of vaginal lubricants.. For lubricants to produce naturally, you have to be sexually active both physically and mentally. Dont worry make yourself ready for sex... If u r not ready plz tell to ur partner frankly.
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Question: hi I am 37 weeks pregnant, after 9 month started baby movements are becoming lesser than day by day.....is this a problem? plz tell me
Answer: If it has suddenly reduced ,u should get it checked.musually it is said the movements decrease towards the end of pregnancy but it is always good to go for A regular check just to make sure the baby is fine
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