15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii i am 14 weeks pregnant and a working woman. My office os on the second floor of the building. Lift us not working. Can i take stairs to the office? Is that not harmful at this stage?

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Answer: Hi ...climbing stairs is actually good for you and your baby under normal circumstances unless there are some complications or your doctor has advised ..its a good form of exercise to keep blood flowing ,but please be careful while climbing stairs maintain your balance ,as you will progress in your pregnanacy you will have more weight in front of your body so follow safety tips to make sure you stay safe like use handrails go slow always make sure you are comfortable and never try to force yourself. have a very healthy and happy pregnanacy
Answer: Hello dear, Congrats for your pregnancy, yes u can take stairs if you are comfortable with it Now you are in 14weeks, so you don't have any problem but when your days Come near, you can't able to take stairs dear you will get tired your body will get Havier day by day, take care of yourself .air lift ko thik karo jaldi.
Answer: Hiee, it depends upon ur health. If everything is fine then u can but if there is any problem then try to avoid it. Monitor urself n talk to ur gynaecologist also. Visit her time to time. As ur gynaecologist knows every fine detail of ur pregnancy,she will suggest u better. Visit her once n talk about it.
Answer: No stairs s koi harm ni h Bs sabhal k chale. Or dhire chale. Heels ko avoid kre.
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