23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 22 weeks pregnant...2 days before I came to my natives from goa to delhi.... When I was in goa there were more foetal movements...Itni ki m pareshan ho jati thi... Whenever I had lie down..It started kicking...But from 2 days baby is moving but not as it was before..... I am worried...I went to doc today..Here I have to change doc...She didn't say anything about it...

Answer: Dear baby's also have active and lazy days just like us. So sometimes we feel movement like baby is playing football and sometimes it's like we have to feel properly to feel baby's movement. So don't worry its completely normal. Baby's movement are important, it's can be high or low.. Its completely normal and fine..
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Question: My baby was moving so many times and kicking but from 2 days baby is moving very less is this normal
Answer: U observe when u taking rest or after exercise then concern dr
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Question: I posted before about my baby (I am 37weeks) moving like crazy from some days, kicking, rolling, stretching etc. Was very uncomfortable. I was a bit curious as most people say movements reduce at this stage, however, maybe stupidly, I googled this on the internet and there was something saying baby may be in distress. Now i am worried... If s/he is fine??
Answer: No there is nothing to be worried. Not necessarily everything has to be negative of it didn't happened with others. Every pregnancy is different. Your baby is active and healthy don't worry about it.
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Question: I m 25 weeks pregnant and from last 2 days whenever my baby is kicking I feel urinate and going washroom again and again........is it normal
Answer: It is normal... Baby is gaining weight hence putting pressure on blader .... So if you have water or not still you have the feeling to urinate
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