37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 36 weeks now and came for my regular check up. Doctor checked my baby's heart beat and tested my vagina physically and has said that my cervix is open and showed me the bleeding. she said that I am already in labour and is asking me to get admitted but I am not experiencing any pain. shall I get admitted or return back home and wait until I experience any pain

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Answer: Get admitted even my vagina was open wen I went to chk up but walk a lil if possible n if ur staying nearby then it's up to u but better to get admitted
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    sandhya nagarajan1019 days ago

    Thank you Chaithra. Yes I got admitted. but even after waiting for 2 hrs my cervix did not open further neither did I get any pain so the doctor broke my amniotic sac manually and widened the cervix a little more. And after some time again she checked my vagina physically and said that the baby is pushing in posterior position and amniotic fluid has drained out and said that waiting for normal would lead to breathing problem for baby and suggesting a c section.

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    Chaithra N Kumar1019 days ago

    Oh k all the best even i was in labour for more than 10 hrs dont worry do as per Dr's advise

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