40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 40 weeks mother . still i didnt see any changes or production of breast milk. Pls help me i am worried whether i will get breast milk at time of delivery or not

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Answer: I too suffered this from 12 weeks of pregnancy . doctor said it common. If in case pain is mote that we cant walk or sit then we need to go for physcotherphy.
Answer: Yes , it safe to eat . but eat in less quantity of 7 or 8 daily. If we consume more it heats our body.
Answer: No u should not eat pineapple which is risky.
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Question: hi am 29 weeks pregnant I came to know that at this stage we get breast leakage called colostrum I didnt leak anything like that till now...... I am worried because whether I get sufficient milk after delivery for my baby.. r. not.. pls help
Answer: Hi dear, It is a myth that all pregnant ladies must leak milk during pregnancy period.i never had any leak,but had excellent milk supply post delivery and fed my babies till 2 and half years.Prior to delivery,may be few months or weeks before,liquid that oozes out of breast is nothing but colostrum.the highly nutritious pre breastmilk.not many get to feel breastmilk leak,but few does.it is normal,as the body stets preparing the body for breastfeed.if you feel uncomfortable,you can also use breastpads.but keep the area clean and dry.this doesnot gaurentee more ,less or no milk post deliivery.you can also go through daily tips and are during pregnancy and post pregnancy,along with baby development on healofy' app.
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Question: When breast will start milking fully?. Now its licking a little. But i m worried whether it will produce sufficient milk at the time of birth of child.
Answer: Hi dear, First of all,leaking of breast during pregnancy is not mandatory.i have no leakage of milk during pregnancy,but had very good milk supply post delivery.i breastfed my daughter till 2 years.moreover the leakage of breasts won't give gaurentee of milk supply post delivery.
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Question: I'm 5weeks pregnant but still i cant see any changes in my breast. When will they grow?
Answer: It ll grow throughout pregnancy slowly.. not at a shot in a month.. chill do not worry 😊
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Question: hii i mother of 26 days old baby. my breast milk production is very less which is not enough for baby.... which food help in enhancing milk production...
Answer: Hello dear, milk production is based on demand and supply. The more your baby suckles the more milk is produced. Here are a few food items which help in increasing milk production - Oat -Garlic -sesame seeds - Spinach - Fenugreek - Apricots
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