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Question: I am 27 weeks+5 days pregnant.. MCDA TWINS. Twin A umbilical artery is showing sometimes increased resistance n sometimes abesnt end diastolic flow.. other baby is fine.. there is a difference in wt also between them.. any suggestions.. please help

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Answer: Hi! MCDA means it's a monochorionic diamniotic twins which means that the baby shares a single placenta and they are identical twins but 2 amniotic sac. please don't worry because increase resistance sometimes indicates that the blood flow is less so and it can cause due to clotting or notching issues, but please don't worry your doctor might put you on blood thinners which will things easy and well.. Hope this helps!
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Question: In anomaly scan...there is impression : umbilical artery shows reduced end diastolic flow.....is there any thing serious?!?
Answer: You can share your complete blood report with me here if you mean to say that the blood flow is decreased because growth restriction is also seen as blood resistance in baby and so we recommend blood thinners such as EcoSporin and Isoxsuprine. I will only advise you here in case of reversal of blood or rev- blood flow to uterine artery is there any chances of fetal morbidity that's why doctor has told that kicks should be counted and please ---should be counted very effectively. everyday you must note babies rotation and movement they should be more than 30 . I will advise you that you ask your gynecologist about lung steroids or these are steroids given to mature baby's lungs so these are important because you can deliver early then estimated date it is better to consult your gynecologist one more Doppler scan will be done next week or next to next week
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Question: At 36 weeks fetal weight is 2.2 kg also there is mild resistance to flow in umbilical artery what could be done
Answer: Eat more food and also increase water intake. Sleep more on the left side. It can rreduce the resistance problem
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Question: My Doppler scan indicates there is a high resistance flow in one of the artery is it normal and also i am suffering with bp.
Answer: This is due to high Bp. All you can do is control your bp. Reduce salt intake and processed foods.
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