36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 35 weeks 6 days pregnant. My doubt is 35 weeks completed and 6 days passed or 35 weeks are getting completed today only.... Tomorrow my 37 th week starts or 36 th week starts????

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Answer: Hie It is 35 weeks complete and 36 th week is ongoing So your 37th week shall start
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    Moni Raj1096 days ago

    Ok fine thank u so much

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Question: BPD 33 weeks 3 days HC 35 weeks 4 days AC 36 weeks 4 days FL 36 weeks 6 days Why BPD shown very slow growth?? While taking scan am 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant..
Answer: Both BPD and HC values need to be eveluated by your doctor.There seems to be a lag of more than a week.It could indicate fetal growth restriction or IUGR .Doctor will want to monitor it and also advise certain iugr medications as well.
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Question: Hi tomorrow my 32 week will start but today i got ultrasound and according to it BPD 35 weeks, HC 35 weeks 7 days and baby weight is 2kg. I am diabetic. Is tere anythg to worry
Answer: It's due to diabetes I guess. Consult with doctor she can suggest delivery a bit earlier like 37 weeks.
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Question: I have completed my 35 weeks or 36
Answer: Hi dear plz update ur LMP first so do define that so that I can tell u ur pregnancy week.
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