9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 9 weeks pregnent but i have no symptoms of pregnency like nausea, morning sickness only constipation is there. Please tell all ok or not

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Answer: Congratulations.. it depends upon your body type, consider urself lucky that you don't have nausea or vomiting. Few women experience these symptoms and few dont. And for constipation please drink a lot of water.
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    khan kausar1066 days ago

    Thank u for ur suggestion

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Question: Hi. I am 6 weeks pregnant and i have no symptoms like vomiting, distaste, food cravings or nausea. Is it fine?
Answer: Its absolutely fine even if you don't have any of the symptoms. Every pregnancy is different. So just relax and take care of urself
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Question: Hlo, m 7 week pregnant, I dont feel any symptoms related to pragnancy like nausea nd sickness..i dnt feel like that m pragnant.. Is it normal ?.. M only facing constipation. Please tell me
Answer: Yes it's normal that u dont have any pregnancy symptoms .Dear my devrani also have same She dont have any pregnancy symptoms as nausea, vomoting ,acidity all over pregnancy nd gives birth 2 healthy baby. So dear nothing to worry abht.pregnsncy symptoms . Dear constipation s a common problem .take 8 to 10 glass water daily nd plenty of liquids ,add fresh fruits ,green vegetables in diet add Raines . Raisins,gauava as well as custard apple (sitaphal ) nd sesame seeds too its also helpful in constipation . u can try it also gets relief 😊
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Question: Hye.. I am 7 weeks pragnent but no signs of pragnency.. No morning sickness no diziness.. Is this happen with anyone else?? Only mild cramps on lower abdomen..
Answer: Pregnancy brings lots of changes with it but it's not compulsory to get all of them. But sometimes absence of pregnancy symptoms indicate a weak pregnancy. Take rest , eat healthy and if any medicine given by your doctor then take that properly. Hope it helps.
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