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Question: I am 7 weeks 2 days pregnant ..My weight is only 38 .what to do ? It's my 1st pregnancy

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Answer: It's okay keep ur diet good add fruits ND veggies to it.. Mainly try to have more protein rich diet nd eat at least more than three times a day and meals should balanced and healthy.... U will definitely start putting in ur second trimester
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Question: I am 7 month pregnant my weight is 43 only it's ok
Answer: If you have gained 6 kgs by now. Then all is going perfectly. Actually, if your weight was low from start then still we can try to up your weight. If you are not suffering from any disease then taking a diet rich in carbohydrate will really improve your weight. Drink Mamaprotien-x twice a day with milk, drink plenty of watermelon juice, coconut water and seasonal fruits. Ask your gynae to start a vit-b complex supplement. That will help gain weight. Take care. Eat a lot of things... no refraining from fats(moderation is important)
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Question: Hi ...i am 38 weeks pregnant and my baby weight is 2.5.wt to do to increase baby weight?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Your diet should be balanced. Take milk twice as it serves calcium needs on daily basis. Include fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables in your diet. Curd is best source of calcium and aids in digestion avoiding acidity and gas formation. Food you can take normal diet but avoid spicy and masala food. Except the food you should avoid during pregnancy as pine apple, Jack fruit, papaya, sesame seeds, etc you can have rest all. Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more they help a lot. Take care
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Question: I am 6 months pregnant this is my 1st pregnancy plz suggest me how to increase the baby's weight because it's showing only 420grm..
Answer: Hi dear, I know it's worrisome to have less weight of unborn few tips for fetus weight gain you can try. Hope it will help. Step 1 Maintain a healthy, naturally balanced diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains and healthy carbohydrates are all good food choices for you and your baby. Eating three to four solid meals per day will support a healthy weight for you and your baby. Avoid fatty, fried foods and foods high in cholesterol or preservatives. Step 2 Get plenty of rest at night and rest when you are tired during the day. Pregnancy affects the body in a number of ways. Resting provides you with energy and allows your body to refresh itself. Take naps whenever possible and reduce your level of activity if you find yourself becoming tired more quickly that before. Don't over-exert yourself. Step 3 Take prenatal vitamins at the suggestion or prescription of your doctor. Prenatal vitamins provide your body with additional nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby. Step 4 Reduce stress and anxiety. When you are stressed or anxious, you may overeat or undereat or you may not take care of yourself adequately. The results affect you and your baby. Keeping calm and managing your stress is vital to maintaining a healthy pregnancy.
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