19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 21 week pragnant. .. sometime i feeling the baby movement but sometimes not.. last two days i did not fell the baby movement. . I am very much worried. .is there anything wrong to me? Pls ans

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Answer: Hi.. Please do not take any stress, if your baby is growing, breathing and heart beat is normal, there is nothing to worry.
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Question: Hello , i have single loop of cord complately coverd by baby nack, last two days i have fell few movement of baby but surdenly i fell very much movement of baby is it ok ?plz ans me im tenced..
Answer: Hi don't worry it's normal as the loop won't cause any problems to baby and it may get unloop by baby movements or after birth doctors will unloop the cord without any problem so no need to worry about it and if baby movements are more then no need to worry about it as its a good sign and indicate that baby is healthy and doing well and baby is active playful so don't worry it's normal take care
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Question: I am feeling very less movement from last two days. I am worried
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry As your baby grows in this time, you'll be able to better distinguish his or her movements. You'll also figure out at what times of the day your baby is most active. Some babies just naturally move less often than others.A lack of movement also may mean that your baby is asleep.If your baby has started to move regularly and you don't feel at least 10 movements within a two-hour period, or the movements have slowed significantly, it's time to call your doctor.Hope this will help,thank you.
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Question: I am not feeling Anything, no movement, I am very much worried about it.. my baby is fine na
Answer: Hello dear. You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. You can probably wait for some more time. Take care.
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