29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 28 week pregnant when I checked up at thane my Dr said all is well when I came by home town again checked up last Saturday Dr said my water level is 7 %she given me lots of medicine and important I don't have heart or chloestrol problem she given me aspirin for blood make thin supply more blood to baby.my bleeding time is 2 min 40 sec and cloothing time is 4 min 10 sec.

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Answer: please send again answer
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Question: My last period was on 27 aug 2018. On 04 oct, when i checked with preganews test, it was positive for pregnancy. But same day some blood clot came out. When i went to dr., after ultrasound, she said it was miss-carriage. Now what to do to get pregnant soon?
Answer: Within 3months it's is possible..don't stress yourself..tension and other tough activities avoid.God bless you.
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Question: i was pregnant of 9 week.i lost my baby.my baby aborted naturally without pills.at that time i lost 4-5 liter blood in 15 minutes.blooding not stop so finally done d&c.i came out from death. My que is that why this large quantity of blood come out in 15 min only.
Answer: I had the same experience .. n its normal bcoz it's not just a normal period it's abortion... Your period cycle will be likely messed up for 45 days.. I too lost my baby at 8 week normally .. and after 45 days i got pregnant again coz when you had an normal abortion your body is the most fertile body that time comparatively to other fertile days
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Question: My period date is 1oct n 2oct i see sum little blood clot like period started but after tht time till now thr is no bleeding n i checked on Saturday in afternoon my result is negative but yesterday i went to my family dr she said me check again on Saturday morning now u say me dr wht i do she said me check every Saturday till it not come now u say me wht i do n wht don't do plzz help
Answer: N ma'am sorry forget to write in question that white discharged bohat horaha hai what it means n feeling low n tried n my gums getting sewlling plzz ans
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