11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hiiii i am 10 week pregnant today muze thoda bleeding huaa .bad me ruk gaya isa kyo huaa

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Answer: Spotting can be caused by a variety of reasons such as implantation, infection, hormonal changes, and cervical sensitivity due to increased blood flow. (Such as after intercourse) If you do experience spotting, you should make sure that you wear a pad (nothing should be inserted into the vagina), lie down and rest, make sure that you drink extra fluids and give your health care provider a call. Chances are they will just tell you take it easy for a few days. If you are past the 10 week mark, they may schedule you for an appointment to come in and see if the heartbeat can be picked up by a Doppler device, or for an early ultrasound. However, as long as you don’t experience heavy bleeding, the passing of a lot of tissue and severe cramping, your bleeding could be inconsequential.
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    Akshata chavan1262 days ago

    hindi me bata sakte ho

Answer: That's normal. Little bit bleeding can happen.
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    Akshata chavan1263 days ago

    tnx ...but isa qu hota hai

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Question: I am 10 week pregnant. Today I see bleeding. I am very tensed. please tell me what I do now
Answer: Hello About 20% of the women bleed till their 12 weeks dis happened due to implantation of the egg on to the uterus lining. This happens at the time of ur menopause. U may want to talk to ur doctor abt the spotting and bleeding if it happens in excess it could be a scource of concern. Hope I helped
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Question: M 10 week pregnant....mujhe pet m dard hota h thoda thoda ruk ruk k...ky ye norml h kyy
Answer: It is normal...Distended Abdomen occurs due to the growing uterus and hormonal surge. The uterine cavity occupies more room in the abdominal cavity, further pushing the stomach and affecting digestion.
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Question: I am 10 weeks pregnant, i got bleeding today, is everything ok?
Answer: Visit doctor for check up immediately!!! Any bleeding is not normal at all during pregnancy and need proper medicines
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