39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 38 week pregnant .....so what can i add new in my diet for easy delivery like ghee ajwaen etc.suggest me

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Answer: Hello, Even my mom says we shud hav lot of ghee once u start getting contraction. It helps in normal delivery. I feel lot of pain during my monthly periods and having ghee has always helped me. So i think it will help at the time of delivery as well.
Answer: bsss...besan or desi ghee ka halwa lijiye.... ho ske dudh mein bhi desi ghee dal kr lijiye
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Question: My baby is 7 month old now, what new thing i can add in her diet
Answer: Hello dear.. since your baby has reached seven months,it is better to feed solid along with breast milk is very important for weight gain and immunity power breastfeeding breastfeed your baby,as much as you can,it has lot of nutrients and a great antioxidant,during breastfeeding,take a healthy nutrious diet,it makes your baby more healthy ragi porridge you can feed ragi porridge,it will makes your baby to gain weight,and it's very healthy wheat porridge feed them with wheat porridge,it is very nutrious and healthy option to gain weight.. you can also introduce dhal water,rice porridge,helps in easy digestion, can also make multigrain sathu mavu porridge,it is an better option and very nutrious food for baby.. you can also include fruit juice like apple chikoo papaya orange you can also include mashed fruit puree like apple ,banana has lot of nutritional benefits needed for baby's development
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Question: I am 17 week pregnant..can i add raw papaya in my diet..
Answer: Hello dear. Papaya is not recommended during pregnancy. Pineapple and Grapes are also not recommended. Take care.
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Question: should i add ghee in my diet. its C-section
Answer: Yes u can add ghee in your diet ....It helps to healing stitches
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