34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 34 week pregnant.on my seventh month scan doctor said the umbelical cord is atound the baby neck..would that be an problem or can i havr notmal delivery.

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Answer: Don't worry dear..by 36 week baby reaches to pelvic where baby gets fixed position as u hv 2-3 week baby can remove cord itself by his movement.. Stay positive
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Question: I am in 38th week and had an internal check up today. Doctor said baby head is still not fixed. And the baby is 3.3kg (+-450). She also said there is a single loop of cord around baby neck. Will the baby head be fixed eveb after 38week and is there any problem with the cord that js around the baby neck
Answer: hi dear ! dear dont be worried about the baby's head getting fixed it will fix even by 39 weeks dear. and about the cord around the baby's neck dear then dont stress so much dear. so let me explain you a little about the cord around the baby's neck. normally in most pregnancy scan there is seen a cord around the neck which is normal dear . your baby is getting the blood and the nutrients required from the cord as the baby has not started to breath inside it will only breath after the birth dear. so dont worry about the suffocation if you feel so as there is no breathing happening for the baby to get suffocated dear. and normally you will have to keep a track on the cord during the scans. dont worry in this normal delivery is very much possible dear. after the delivery of your baby's head the doctor will remove the cord around the baby's neck and then deliver the rest of the baby dear ! so dont worry dear everything is fine ! take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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Question: I just got a scan and the doctor said there's a loop of the umbilical cord around my baby's neck. Should this be a matter of concern?
Answer: Hi dear,same happens to me .but i delivered normal way.Dear a single cord around baby neck is completely normal. Actully when baby moves in womb so he get the loop. So dont stress its completely normal and it will not cause any harm to baby and sometimes baby get loop out also. Normal delivery is possible with single loop so just relax..dont worry..tq
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Question: I am 34 weak pregnant.in my scanning report doctor noticed that there single umbilichal cord around the neck .is it any serious problem?.is there any remedy for this? How umbilichal cord is come around the neck?
Answer: Hi dear...Still u have time, after 2 weeks scan once again.if the umbilical cord is still in baby neck then there is no chance for normal delivery and it will be c- section delivery ...while baby playing inside the womb they will only put themself around their neck... I will pray God,let baby remove umbilical cord himself from his neck...all the best..
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