18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hiii i am 17 week pregnant now can I travel to Bangalore by bus from Hyderabad

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Answer: Hi, second trimester is safe for long travels comparatively. Mainly the bumpy roads and traffic are a cause of concern. Also in long travels there are few causes of discomfort like you won’t get to go to bathroom till bus stops, you cannot get up and move around often and also cannot stretch your legs in case you opt for semi-sleeper. I would recommend going by train instead, however it’s not really unsafe, it is the discomfort that you may experience.
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Question: Hyy am 15 week pregnant. Am having anterior low line placcenta. Is it safe to travel by train for a night and 3 hours of travel by car??
Answer: No, better to avoid or consult your doctor before traveling, anterior low lying placenta is not good in pregnancy , though placenta will take there place in few days , u should ask your doctor before traveling
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Question: Am 8 week pregnant can i travel through bus??
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear try to avoid travelling in 1 trimester as in travelling its puts pressure on utrus which s not good for baby so try to avoid it take care dear happy pregnancy dear
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Question: By next week am traveling from Bangalore to Delhi..for safety which medicine I can take with me for my baby...bcoz summer starts
Answer: Gas fever and cold medicines. You dont know how weather can effect baby's health. And consult a doctor if anything major happens
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