24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am 24 week pregnant. .my weight is 90kg..my height is 5:4 inch ...can u help me for norml dilevery ...and day food chart plan...plzz help me...

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Answer: Hello! Avoid excessive sugary or fatty foods as these contain empty calories and, although tasty, don't help keep your weight stable.Eat lots of fruit and vegetables with lean meat or fish.Remember that potatoes and bread are not fattening until you put butter on them.Brown or wholemeal bread is more filling than the white variety, as is brown rice compared to white.Alcoholic drinks are best avoided as they are not recommended for either mother-to-be or baby – fruit juice with sparkling mineral water is a good alternative.If you feel an attack of the nibbles coming on, opt for dried fruit and a glass of water, this will help fill you up and avoid constipation, which is a common side effect of pregnancy.
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Question: i am 26 week pregnant..i am suffering high bp and weight gain...please suggest me complete diet chart meal plan..and for normal dilevery...please help me
Answer: Talk to your doctor about the medications you’re currently taking. Some medications can cause increases in blood pressure. If so, he may prescribe an alternate medication or determine whether you can avoid taking it until after you deliver. Limit or eliminate fried foods. Continuous consumption of fried foods or foods highly concentrated in oil can cause oil to build up in your arteries.  Monitor your salt intake. The daily limit for consumption of salt is 2,400 mg; however, limiting your intake to 1,500 mg only. Maintain a healthy weight and increase physical activity whenever possible.  Increase your potassium by taking dietary supplements or eating foods rich in potassium. Foods rich in potassium include bananas, orange juice, avocados, cantaloupe, tomatoes and chicken. Do breathing exercises or yoga to lower your stress levels and help to stabilize your blood pressure. What is your weight dear?
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Question: Hi..can u plz share a height and weight chart for baby girl..i want to check my baby's health..
Answer:  An average 9-month-old baby girl weighs about 18 lbs. and is about 27.5 inches long. The lowest percentile for that age is 15 lbs. and 25.5 inches and the highest is about 23.5 lbs. and 29.5 inches.
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Question: Am 29 weeks pregnant and over weight too my height is 5.4 and weight is 90kg...pls help me how to stop getting overweight with out effecting my baby
Answer: Hi dear, By gaining too much weight while pregnant can raise your risk for birth complications like c section delivery and premature birth. And even if you start pregnancy overweight or obese sticking to the recommended range of weight gain can significantly reduce your risk of health problems like diabetes. I can understand how difficult it could get to reduce weight. But reduce or gain it in a healthy way.try the following tips: 1- starting the pregnancy at healthy weight,which you have already done it .so good job! 2- eat in moderation and more frequently.it would help you check your sugar and also increase metabolism. 3- eat complex carbs.like oats,brown rice, wholewheat and quinoa.they digest slow and keep you full for longer time 4-keep moving.include light exercises,like walking and swimming in your daily routine.it not only would check on your weight but also ensure flexiblity 5-plenty fluids.drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water to keep you hydrated and flush out toxins. Donot force yourself to starve and crash diet.it would harm you and your growing baby. Weight would increase,as your body's hormones and water retention increases. Amniotic fluid also adds on. So donot worry much,post deliverey the weight would go and slowly through breastfeeding and healthy life style you can get back your pre pregnancy weight .
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Question: Hello...my weight is 62 kg and my height is 5 feet 2.5 inch....I want to loose weight plz help me how can I control my weight
Answer: Consult ur doctor...may be hormonal problem
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