10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 10 week pregnant my weight has decrease by 3 kg is it matter to worry

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Answer: Nothing to worry.. May be it is because of vomit n also due to improper diet.. If no vomit persists check out ur diet. Take good rest n take care
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Question: Hello mam i am 21 week pregnant.. my weight has increased by 3 kg till now.. my anatomy scan is normal.. is there anything to worry about
Answer: You will start gaining weight from 24th week mostly. Don't worry
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Question: Hello.. Am 10 week pregant .my weight got reduced by 3 kg ..is it normal ????
Answer: Yes .. even at my 11 weeks pregnant I had lost 3 kgs. N I gained the weight again in 14 weeks .. if ur weight doesn't increase by 14 weeks .. ask doctor
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Question: I am 35 week pregnant my baby weight is 3 kg it is normal
Answer: Thise is a good baby weight do not worry. Please confirm if you have any diabetes or blood pressure problem?
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Question: I am 21 week pregnant.... m placenta is low lying.... is it a matter of worry?
Answer: The placenta develops wherever the fertilised egg embeds in your uterus (womb). Sometimes the fertilised egg attaches itself inside the lower part of your uterus. This means that the placenta will develop in a low-lying position. As you are in your 21 week of pregnancy so don't worry as your baby grows, your expanding uterus is likely to pull the placenta upwards and away from your cervix. 
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