6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 5 week pregnant my dr. advice me to take duphaston tablet and folic acid for 1month. Why she suggest duphaston tablet to me.?

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Answer: Hi,this is to manage the hormonal level that supports the pregnancy .so you should have both as prescribed by your Dr.
Answer: To support your pregnancy and avoid miscarriage
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Question: Dr. Advice me duphaston n folic acid tablet in early pregnancy ,,,my question why duphaston tablets?
Answer: hi mam usually doctors advice adductor tablet to balance the progress on hormone and also it helps to avoid I getting a spotting bleeding or it helps to avoid miscarriage during early pregnancy so it is good for babies growth and development you don't need to worry about it take the tablet prescribed by doctor with this statement healthy and nutritious food which is good for babies growth and development
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Question: Hello I am 14week pregnant. My doctor prescribed me to take All 9 tablet & My folic acid tablet is finished.is it necessary to take folic acid? Plz suggest
Answer: Hello dear. Folic acid is very important to take throughout your pregnancy as it helps in the development of nervous system of baby and also prevents malformations of spinal cord
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Question: Can I take folic acid tablet and duphaston tablet together??
Answer: No harm in taking together .. but still keep 2 hrs difference .. coz duphaston causes digestion problems in many cases ....
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