32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am 31 week pregnant my baby is moving left and right side in stomuch so i want to know my baby is in which position

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Answer: Babies position is not fixed yet.. it keeps moving round in tummy.m by around 36 weeks it will be fixed.. wait and hope for a cephalic position to be fixed
Answer: U hvnt done sonography at 30 week..ideally baby should be in head down position
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Question: Hi,, i am week pregnant. I want to know which fruits are best for me right now... And exactly which yoga i can do at this stage..thanks.
Answer: Hi sis. You can have any fruits except papaya, pineapple and grapes.. Yoga poses for all the trimesters of Pregnancy. There are asanas which can be performed during all the trimesters. Vajrasana: It is favourite in all the trimesters and good to perform after meal. It helps to improve digestion and blood circulation especially in pelvic region.
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Question: I went to doc and she said baby is in breach position which is normal in 6th month...I want to know more about this position and when baby will come in right position?
Answer: Well breech position of baby at this stage is fine.dnt worry baby has enough time and space to turn..it is difficult for babies to change position in later weeks..as of now let's wait and watch..normal delivery won't be possible if baby is still.in breech in last week's of pregnancy.
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Question: I m 11wks pregnant but I could not even feel my baby position is it in left or right side?how could I know ?
Answer: Dear you baby is very small and can be in any position now. Usually when baby grows a little more then only babies position can be identified
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