20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlw I am 19 week pregnant. Last night there was a lot of bleeding from my nose what is the reason.

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Answer: Hi dear bleeding from nose is common in many pregnancies like what happens is that due to heavy blood flow during pregnancy the vessels of your nose might get ruptured and it can bleed but in my opinion you should definitely report this to your doctor to see if there is any other issue or not . Hope this helps!
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Question: Hai I am 19weeks pregnant last week there was a little bleeding. What should I do? Is there any problem?
Answer: It happens to some ladies. Better u consult ur doc. At the earliest
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Question: I am 19 week pregnant...and last night I notice some bleeding. Is it normal ?
Answer: No. Plz visit doctor to avoid any problem as soon as possible. If bleeding suddenly increase go to emergency whatever it's day or night.
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Question: Hi I am 19 weeks pregnant and there is occasional bleeding but it is a passive bleeding, please let me know what could be the reason?
Answer: Hi Since you are in your in your 19 the weeks I suppose you should consult your gynaclogist regarding same so as she could run a test examine and suggest treatment if needed regarding same
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Question: Hi im 19 weeks pregnant bleeding in nose what is the reason plz suggest
Answer: Please consult your doctor
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