14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 13 week pregnant in my blood test report haemoglobin percentage is less .can i have a leamon water with honey in the morning.

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Answer: No lemon water with honey is affect the kidney...u can take pomogranet juice..other wise take iron tablet...plz consult a gynecologist.....😊
Answer: No dont drink lemon water because lemon causes acdt.. Eat beatroot or khajoor...and doctor will gives you hemoglobin suppliments also..
Answer: Yes you can. But eat more pomegranate, green leaves and raisins to increase the level
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Question: Hi canni drink honey and leamon warm water in the morning?? Is it good
Answer: Hi dear, Lemon and honey is excellent during pregnancy.it could benefit the mother and the baby in so many ways: 1- excellent way of hydration 2- boosts immunity to you 3- maintains blood pressure 4- flushes out toxins 5-improves skin 6-prevents breast cancer due to its anti tumour properties 7-purifies blood 8-Lemon juice is rich in rutin, a bioflavonoid, which strengthens your vein walls. Drinking the lemon juice also prevents the risk of a recurrence of varicose veins.
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Question: Can I have warm water with lemon in the morning, I am fifteen week pregnant
Answer:   Home » Pregnancy » Safety Is It Safe To Drink Lemon Water During Pregnancy?  REBECCA MALACHI  JULY 27, 2016      Image: Shutterstock The refreshing taste and aroma of lemon is known to soothe the tummy and helps relieve morning sickness and nausea, all of which are beneficial during pregnancy. According to the book Lemon Health Benefits by Chris Shaw, one raw lemon without its peel contains nearly 17 calories and is high in vitamins and minerals like niacin, calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin C, B 6, and riboflavin. With its amazing nutritional benefits and its ability to ease morning sickness, you can include it in your diet when pregnant. However, pregnancy is a time when you have to maintain caution. MomJunction explains how safe is it to consume lemon during pregnancy and the amount that you should intake. Is It Safe To Drink Lemon Juice During Pregnancy? Yes, it is safe to include lemon juice in moderation in your diet. Taking anything in moderate levels is safe for both the mother and child . It is better to drink freshly squeezed lemon juice rather than canned or stale one. Over consumption of lemon can lead to fast detoxification, which is unsafe during pregnancy. Moderation is always the key but is it important to check with your gynecologist before you decide to include it in your diet.
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Question: Can I have warm lemon water with honey in the morning
Answer: Yes you can have lemon water with honey in the morning after delivery. But don't consume too much is citrus fruits as high concentration of Vitamin C can give stomach discomfort for your baby if you are a breastfeeding mother.
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