15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i am 15 week pregnant .in how much quntity i eat almond ,Figs,walnut and kismis par day and it is safe or not

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Answer: According to me walnut aap shamko khao toh baby ki health k liye acha h vo b aapke fist k bara br aap roj kha skti ho
Answer: This everythg is safe dr, u can have like 7-8
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Question: I am six week pregnant and can I eat walnut. How many walnut I can eat a day
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,you can definitely eat walnuts.its quite healthy and nutritious in pregnancy.not only is rich in healthy fats,walnuts is also considered brain food.it would improve your concentration power and it would also improve your memory power.the antioxidants would improve your immunity too.donot over eat as it is heat ,you could get pimples or loose motion.eat in moderation.
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Question: is it safe to eat walnut, soaked almond n kismis now in summers
Answer: Hello Dry fruits are considered very high in nutrient value hence u can take them in all of ur pregnancy with milk or whole. Limit ur almond intake as it can induse preterm labour. Hope I helped
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Question: I am in 9th week of pregnancy can I eat walnut and almond 1 or two pieces?
Answer: yes in ealry morning u eat walnut daily then drink milk.. its good..
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