22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 22 week pregnant ...I want fear baby.plz tell me what can I do????

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Answer: what is fear baby
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    Manisha Chadda1387 days ago

    it may be fair

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Question: I m 22 week pregnant. Can you please tell me what is lowly laying placenta note.
Answer: Hi.. Dear The placenta develops in a woman’s uterus during pregnancy. This sac-like organ provides the developing baby with food and oxygen. It also removes waste products from the baby’s blood. During pregnancy, the placenta moves as the uterus stretches and grows. It is normal for the placenta to be low in the uterus in early pregnancy.. As the pregnancy continues and the uterus stretches, the placenta typically moves to the top of the uterus. By the Third trimester, the placenta should be near the top of the womb. Most women with this condition require bed rest.
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