38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii.i am 37 week pregnant .i have some kind of water descharging like urine is it an serious issue ??

Answer: If the fluid leakage is continuous you have to consult the doctor urgently
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Question: Hi I am 32 week pregnant from morning some kind of water discharging.. Is it any serious issue.. Please suggest me
Answer: Hello dear any kind of water discharge is notgood at the phase of your pregnancy if it is a mucus kind sticky discharge then it is ok but if you facing a clear watery like discharge or yellow colour green colour it can be a cause of infection or it may can be your amniotic fluid it is better you meet your gynecologist and get proper checkup take care
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Question: I am 6weeks pregnant but I am not feeling hunger is this an serious issue
Answer: Nothing to worry dear...see our body will be undergoing more changes..sometimes u feel happy, some times disturbed, sometimes hungry, sometimes nauseous, If you are not feeling hungry...do not have food as you eat daily. But have in small proportions like munching every now and then and drink fluids properly...because the baby needs nourishment..and your stomach should not be empty for long hours...have fruits, cashews, juice, ,, But if this condition of not feeling hungry persists more than two days..go any see ur doctor..
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Question: I am 19 weeks pregnant I am facing urine infection regularly. Is this a serious issue
Answer: Yes it may be a serious issue, have a test of your uraine so can know that which kind of infection you are having.... Take more water and keep your vagina clean, use dettol water
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