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Question: I am 12 week pregnant. I had vomiting if I'll eat something. I m eating more fruits but it can't satisfy my hunger completely. I can't even digest cow milk. I m tired of vomiting. When it will go?

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Answer: Sometimes vomiting stops after 3 months, but I had it till the birth of my baby during my 1st delivery. Try eating dry foods like rice (such as lemon rice, tomato bath, puliyogare, etc), crackers (such as nutrichoice, multigrain cookies), bread toast. As soon as you wake up eat few dry biscuits like marie or nutrichoice crackers or toasts or vaam biscuits. After somtime you can drink or eat anything. If you can't drink water, try drinking glucose, lemonade, orange juice and tender coconut, and hot/cold flavoured milk. you won't get vomiting sensation when you start your day with dry food. I have given you my suggestion according to my experience. You try it once, maybe you might feel better.
Answer: Hi..you have just came near to second trimester...soon it will stop don't worry...vomiting is common in first trimester only..it seems like you are having it in intense..so ask the opinion of your doctor to reduce it to some extent..try boiled,steamed foods like idiyaapam,idly,nuts,sprouts,spinach in small quantities in frequent time..they are easily digest able and eating in small quantities frequently help to store energy..you can also try to have fresh juices when after vomiting..because you need to maintain water imbalance also or else you will become tired very much...so eat well and take care..stay hydrated and eat organic.
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Question: Hi... Is it necessary to eat fruits? I am getting vomiting feel when I eat fruits.. Instead I am eating more vegetables.. Is that fine? Please answer
Answer: Hii dear every fruit and vegetable has different utility. So u can get same thi g from fruits what u get from vegetable. If u have vomit sensation with fruits then u can opt for different ways. Check youtube. U can make fruit pie , fruit custard juices , cakes by adding fruits shakes. By this way u can get the goodness of fruit with different delicacies.
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Question: can i go for shopping ?will it not make me more tired??...i m afraid if any pain or complications??
Answer: Not at all. You can definetly go shopping. The walking can help you as an exercise.
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Question: Vomiting is not coming control ,so I can't eat any thing ,and if I eat I can't digest it so what I do for this problem?
Answer: Hello! This is common dear during pregnancy. Have small meals 5-7 times rather than 3 big meals. Keep water infused with lemon and ginger, this helps a lot. Also have saunf and butter milk or chaas after every meal to help with digestion. Drink plenty of water but in sips. Take care
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Question: I vomiting all the time when i eat something even take water i vomit can't eat anything how my baby will grow m confused what should i take for relief in vomiting
Answer: Do not worry.. baby will grow..this is normal.. if you vomit then eat something again..take more of liquids.. vomits happen in first 3 months.. babies grow maximum on second trimester that is 4th month aur vomit bhi stop ho jayegi.. tension nahi le
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