14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 12 week pregnant.. i got to know my suger level is increased value...i am little worry...is it effect to baby growth??.dr... suggest glycomet sr 500..tablet

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Answer: Yea glucose level is important... It affects baby's organ development,also it's high risk pregnancy ...u should control glucose level with Dr s advice...avoid juices eat cut fruits and increase fiber in ur diet.
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Question: My sugar level is little high, it will effect on my baby growth, want to know
Answer: Hi dear, In pregnancy,sugar fluctuations are common.and women tend to get gestational diabetes.it is due to hormones and lifestyle.hormones you can't control,directly.so change your lifestyle by altering something's in diet and exercise.you can include lot of fibre in diet,complex carbs like oats,brown rice,whole wheat,quinoa.avoid all sugary stuff,refined food items.eat clean home cooked food.including walking daily could be sufficient to bring your sugar level in range.
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Question: Hi, I am 12 week pregnant my TSH level increased to 6.82 will it effect baby's growth ?
Answer: Hi dear, TSH of 6.82 is quite high for pregnant women.i hope doctor has increased your dosage.donot worry about baby,since you started your treatment.keep checking your TSH every 3 months.
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Question: I am 33 week pregnant women. My sugar level is 165 after lunch. My sugar level is high. my doctor suggested me glycomet 500 tablet. is it safe?
Answer: hello dear yes its safe dont worry.. control your diet, go for walking in the morning and evening.. then drink plenty of water and proper rest are important
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