12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 11 week pregnant. I got my thyroid test report. T4 level is 2.8 and TSH level is 4.4 . My TSH level are high. I am worried

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Answer: Immideatly consult doctor and as per my knowledge there would be some injection which you need to take .so consult the doctor asap
Answer: Don't worry go to an endocrinologist and tell him u r pregnant also carry usg. I had same problem but controlled by medicine.
Answer: Nothing to worry. Doctor will suggest medication. Have medicines continously. It will stablize thyriod
Answer: Thyroid imbalance is common in pregnant it can be cured by medicine
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Question: Hi moms... I am 13 weeks pregnant. My nt scan was normal but doctor told to do double marker test. Yesterday I got my double marker test report and it came positive. I am very much worried.
Answer: If you NT scan report is normal then hopefully it is not a serious matter of concern. doctor may ask you to take advance test to confirm whether there is any chance of abnormality or not. Don't panic dear everything will be fine.
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Question: Hi doctors I am 11 week pregnant my sugar levels are fasting - 101 mg /dl and after food 92 mg /dl so I am worried , is this normal?
Answer: Dear, there is problem in report.... How fasting sugar is greater than pp sugar. U repeat the test & also take Hba1c test to check whether u r diabetic or not. Maintain light low carbohydrate diet only. Take care.
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Question: Hii, my thyroid level is 1.52 in recent blood test. I am having thyronorm 100mcg. Isn't it high power for such level?? Should I take only 50mch??
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear @3 trimester thyroid should be 0.3 to 3.0.. ur thyroid s normal but dont stop or reduce medicine dose without consuting ur dr. Ask to ur dr if she needs she ll change ur medicine by her own .consult to ur dr. Take care happy pregnancy
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