Question: I am 34 week pregnant i feel less baby movement is it normal?

2 Answers
Answer: Your baby's movements may feel different in the last few months of pregnancy but he shouldn't move any less than before. Between 20 weeks and 30 weeks of pregnancy your baby's movements will increase. They should also fall into a more recognisable pattern as he begins to develop sleep periods. Your baby will often sleep for 20 minutes to 40 minutes at a time but he may even spend up to an hour and a half asleep. During these naps he probably won't move around much. Babies are often most active in the afternoon and evening, especially around mealtimes. At around 32 weeks, your babyís activity will be at its peak. The number of movements you feel each day will plateau around this time but they should not drop off. Your baby should continue to move to his usual pattern as you near your due date. He will even keep moving during your labour.
Answer: yes it is normal because baby ke pass space km hoti hai