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Question: I am.17 week pregnant...evenif I drink lot of water...I hav a pain after peeing...vats is dat..is it urinary infection..am stressd bcoz of dat

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Answer: Hello If it's like that then do consult your doctor. If its a urinary infection the doctor will give you antibiotics for a few days. And it will go. Don't be stressed for any reason. God is with you Hope this helped you alot
Answer: Plz do routine urine microscopy and urine culture.. Its sypmtom of urinary tract infection..
Answer: Maybe it's infection take urine test it's better because it's effect baby
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Question: I m 6 week pregnant...i have urinary infection.....i m drinking a lot of water but the burning sensation is persisting....is this harm my baby
Answer: No it's common for some women. But do consult ur gynac n take medicine
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Question: m having allergy problem...bcoz of dat I sneeze a lot...does it hurmful for baby
Answer: The only thing she feels when you sneeze is a rocking sensation, which is more than likely comforting to her. The tightening you feel is the uterus clamping up momentarily, it is after all a muscle. You can sneeze a 100 times in a row and it wouldn't do her the least bit of damage. so dont worry sneezing many times would not cause any harm to baby... ha definitely you will feel the pain as the muscle contraction takes place while sneezing... while sneezing place your hand on to the lower abdomen to ease your pain. also make sure that you keep your premises dust free...
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Question: Am 19 weeks pregnant and i drink lot of plain soda water. Is it ok.
Answer: Such fuzzy drinks should be avoided. Can cause acidity also. Better go for healthy diet.
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