4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 3 week pregnant I consumed little amount of fenugreek seeds is it harmful?

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Answer: Hi, don't worry. Nothing happens with little amount of fenugreek.
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Question: Am 10th week of my pregnancy.. By mistake I have consumed sesame seeds is it OK
Answer: Hello dear. It's fine if had ones in a while. However make sure you don't have it too often. Take care.
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Question: Why is Fenugreek leaves safe and fenugreek seeds harmful during pregnancy??
Answer: Fenugreek seeds are more potent and create more body heat then leaves
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Question: I m 11 weeks pregnant can I hv handful of flax seeds n fenugreek seeds everyday
Answer: Pregnancy is a delicate time when you have to be careful about your diet and adopt the safest of food choices possible for your well-being and the baby’s too. My doctor said no for flax seeds as she said it may be harmful for ur baby. Fenugreek is safe for pregnant women only when taken in moderate amounts. Excess consumption may lead to early uterine contractions. Also, taking fenugreek before you’re due for delivery can create an unusual maple syrup-like body odor in the newborn. However, it does not show long-term effects. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 4th week pregnant. Today early morning little amount of blood with urine.is it safe
Answer: Wear a panty liner and confirm whether blood is with urine or through your vagina. Spotting from vagina may occur during early pregnancy. Practice bed rest and avoid work, exercise, squatting or intercourse. If bleeding increases or is associated with crampy pain in the lower abdomen, then you should inform your doctor and get an ultrasound done to confirm. Hope this information is useful for you.
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