25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 24 week pregnant ... Frm yestday i am suffrng frm caugh.. Wen i caugh little pain in stomach.. Is it effect t baby

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Answer: Hello, your baby will be safe in your body but Sneezing and coughing can put more pressure on the ligament, causing a stabbing pain. It does not affect the baby . You can try having warm soups like chicken soup , you can have ginger , honey, lemon warm water . During cold and cough, the body loses more water than usual, hence having lots of warm water helps to prevent dehydration. It also helps in decongestion. Having clear broth or warm lemon water also helps.gargling with salt water helps to reduce respiratory infection. you can try all these home remedies to reduce the cough . hope this helps, happy pregnancy .
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    Sowmya shree116 days ago

    Ty so much

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Question: I am 24 week pregnant... From yestday i suffurng from caugh... Wen i caugh my stomach will pain... Is it effect t baby
Answer: Hello dear If u took proper care of urself then it will not affect ur baby. Boil some Ginger nd 1 or 2 cloves in water... take this water at regular intervals...u will see difference in once or twice intake
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Question: Hi ..know i am 5 week 5day pregnant but t have a little pain in my stomach is it normal?
Answer: It's normal ...as ur baby is getting ready for d baby....it d pain is severe then consult ur doc.otherwise little pain is normal...don't worry
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Question: Am 24 week pregnant & am feeling pain in stomach almost while sleeping....is it normal?
Answer: Its quite normal... Have a cumin seed water(with butter is optional)
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Question: i am 10th week pregnant.......but frm two days i m observing little pain in lower abdomen......is it normal??
Answer: Hii dear. Dis is normal. As baby is gaining weight and height so the utreus is giving pressure to your lower abdomen and making u feel pain. All the best
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