9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 8 week pregnant, from yesterday i have severe back pain and stomach pain....Is it due to Gas problem or something else ?? I am little worried

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Answer: back pain is common during pregnancy and its not due to gas....and the stomach pain,if its on the upper abdomen then its due to gas but the pain on lower abdomen is generally due to continuous expansion of the uterus to accommodate the baby
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Question: Hi.. I have little pain in my stomach from yesterday.. And I have white discharge also.. Is there any problem ??I am worried about it
Answer: White discharge is common throughout pregnancy till delivery. Make sure it does not have any red spots or have itching. The pain in stomach might be because of the stretching of your skin. If the pain becomes too high with unusual amount of discharge/other colored discharge, please contact your doctor immediately
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Question: I am 4 weeks pregnant is it normal to have little stomach pain and back pain.
Answer: Hi yes a mild pain may be fine and a bit backpain as well but if it gets unbearable then its always good to get it checked.
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Question: I have little bit back and lower stomach pain, is it a sign of labour pain or something else?my edd is on 21juLy
Answer: It's false pains ... When u have pain in every 5 minutes then it's labour pain ...
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