36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hiii...I am 35 week pregnant & found breech in sonography....any exercise for baby movement

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Question: Breech position of baby in 35 week
Answer: Probably this condition can change with time, chances of spontaneous reversion is there but in your case since you are already 35 weeks there are very less chances of baby to change its position because the baby size has increased and there is little room for the baby to move. But we cannot predict the baby position if by 37 week, the baby is in breech position then your doctor might ask you for the c-section and you should follow your doctor advice to prevent fetal distress
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Question: Any exercise for breech position to normal???
Answer: Hi mam, the easiest technique for turning a breech baby is just give it time. Most babies turn on their own before their due date. You can do yoga, spend time upside down, or doing exercises like pelvic tilts can help. the majority of babies will turn at night, when you are sleeping, due to your reclined position. There are exercise available to turn breech baby on youtube .
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Question: Hi I am 35 week pregnant. Today I found there is swelling in my one foot. Any suggestion
Answer: Walking is the best remedy... No need to worry... It's normal
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