32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 32 week pregnant but I gained just 3 kg from 82 to 85.Baby weight in 30

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Answer: What was your initial weight before conception if you were overweight from the start then you will be having three 4 kgs extra incomplete pregnancy duration so it is documented that singleton pregnancy the weight gain shall be 12 to 14 kgs which is normal so I will advise you to eat more of fruits and not to think about cravings of chips fatty foods and deep-fried foods packaged foods you have to avoid all such heavy salt content in sodium content foods also limit your salt intake you may get a lot of pain numbness, swelling in your feet. You can also seek medical advice from a good Endocrinologist or diabetician to chat out a good diet plan for you to help maintain the wheat as well as support the growth of baby
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Question: I am 32 week pregnant but I just gained 3 kg throughout pregnancy from 82 to 85.baby weight was 1490 in 30 week scan.is it normal.I am little confused how baby weight gaining in last 2 week i not gained any weight.
Answer: Take some bananas milk and egg may be it helps your baby gaining weight
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Question: I am 32 week pregnant ... I gained 3 kg within 2 weeks of period...is it normal....but i am look like slim ....how to avoid overweight
Answer: In pregnancy it's common after delivery do workout and reduce now concentrate only on baby
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Question: Hi..3 months pregnancy but I havent gained any weight? Just one kg.
Answer: Optimal weight gain during pregnancy ranges from 10-15kg. however each pregnancy is different some might gain less whereas some might gain upto 20kg depending on their body type. During pregnancy one needs to be very wise selecting diet. You need to take lots of protein and carbs whereas have to cut short on sugar,oil and spice. Keep your meals simple. Reduce the quantity and eat at every 2hours. This way your metabolism will be high and the calories will be consumed immediately rather than getting stored. Include more of fruits and Dryfruit this way there will be healthy weight gain . You ll have strong stamina rather than just accumulating fat in your body which will be tough to get rid of post delivery. Drink water at every hour. This will improve your digestion and will also cleanse your body.
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Question: Hi im 30 week pregnant. But i already gained 20kg that is now my weight is 92 kg.. I worried 😫
Answer: Hi obesity may cause problems in pregnancy and it may due to various reasons and also due to hormonal changes. And also some of the health condition may be the reason. So once you can check diabetes, thyroid or any other health issues. So take care.
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