5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 4 week pregnant and I have cough and viral fever 101.5. Does this viral fever affect my child?

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Answer: Hello, No dear it will not do any affect to baby. Just take rest and get some steam before sleeping that will help you ..
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Question: I have cold and cough and i am 2 month pregnant does it affect my child??
Answer: Hello dear,  Always take medicine precribed by your doctor. if you feel pain in stomach due to cough. Try to hold your belly when you coughing.  Make a tulsi, ginger,cloves and black pepper kadha and drink twice a day ....Tulsi ginger tea to soothe the throat pain....Boil half a tsp of turmeric in a glass of water and drink before bed ....Gargle with hot salty water frequently. Take honey ginger juice thrice a day. Paste made of basil leaves and honey is beneficial in soothing cough. Suck a slice of lemon with salt and black pepper on it to reduce the intensity of cough. Eating garlic with meals 2-3 times a week to seek relief. Onion juice mixed with honey also acts as a good cough syrup.  Cold remedies....   Mix honey, ginger juice and apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and take it. It will help to cure cold, cough and sore throat. Homemade lemonade, herbal teas, and special electrolyte drink with warm water are all fantastic to keep you hydrated. Stay away from caffeine as this can further dehydrate you.. Heat cloves of garlic in mustard oil n apply on chest n foot. switch on steamer n leave it for few minutes and sleep in a room with fumes .....take warm water and warm food. Eating foods rich in vitamin C, like oranges, may help naturally boost your immune system.
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Question: I am 32 week pregnant.. i have cough n cold went to doctor she said its a viral infection and gave tablets.. will this affect my baby
Answer: No. But viral may bring weakness to your body. Take good care and go for home remedies like turmeric milk home made kaadha etc. And rest a lot. Take enough sleep.
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Question: I have hypothyroidism.. Does this will affect my child
Answer: Hi! Hypothyroid during pregnancy might affect babies. Babies may hv to receive medicines lifelong sometimes if it's congenital. Here babies muscles and bones are affected and weak hence not able to catch up fast but every child is different. A newborn screening test can be thought of if thyroid levels are very low of the baby but ideally, Dr rules out if there is any problem with a baby in the womb only, so dont worry much now u still hv time... Good luck!
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Question: I have viral fever, urine infection, will this affect my pregnancy?
Answer: UTIs are common during pregnancy. That's because the growing fetus can put pressure on the bladder and urinary tract. This traps bacteria or causes urine to leak.But Fevers during pregnancy are never normal, so an exam is always recommended. Luckily, if the fever was caused by a viral illness, hydration and Some tablet are usually enough for recovery. But if the cause is bacterial, an antibiotic is often needed.Hope this helps take care.
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