14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 12 week pregnant and I feel to slate pencil

Answer: Hi dear, you should not eat slate pencil as I also had same craving when I was pregnant and doctor told me not to eat as it will harm me and baby both. Also doctor detected some mineral deficiency. So you should also consult with doctor and get to know about deficiency. Take care
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Question: I am 7 month pregnant and craving for slate pencil. Can't stop thinking about it. Is it fine to eat slate pencil.
Answer: Hello, I completely understand your situation cravings during pregnancy can be really weird. We have to understand why this cravings for certain thing is happening to us. so my sister also got the craving of eating Slate, mud or paint during her pregnancy so later we come to know that this is happening because of some calcium deficiency. it's very important to treat the deficiency on the right time. see slate is not that all a safe or good thing to eat during pregnancy it can cause some complications so don't eat it at all . You can divert your craving to any other thing but the one thing is very important to cover the deficiency so talk to your doctor and take your calcium supplements daily without any miss.
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Question: Am 7 months pregnant..can I eat slate pencils..is there any problem to baby if I eat slate pencil
Answer: Hey do not even try to eat... Please. It can certainly harm the baby, as water you eat it counts for the baby
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Question: Can i eat slate pencil??
Answer: No not at all, instead of it take calcium supplement.
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