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Question: I am 11 week pregnent.. How can over come my back pain?

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Answer: Hello dear... Back pain is normal in pregnancy,it happens due to harmone changes, and loosening of pelvic muscles to prepare for child birth,you can follow these steps it may help.. Maintain a good posture to sit and split your body weight equally to thigh it will help alot You can massage your back with pain relieving ointment,and take warm bath You can also make an ice pack by tying four or five ice cubes in a cloth or bag and massage in your back will helps in controlling the pain or you can dip soft cotton towel in lukewarm water and give compress will also give better releif Use maternity pillow behind back ind your back,to sit ,it will relieve the pain Do maternity yoga ,those possess will relieve you from back pain
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Question: how to over come back pain...
Answer: Back pain during pregnancy isn't surprising, but it still deserves attention. Suggestions to relieve back pain – • Maintain good posture - Stand up straight and tall. When you stand, use a comfortably wide stance for the best support. If you must stand for long periods of time, rest one foot on a low step stool — and take time for frequent breaks. Good posture also means sitting with care. Choose a chair that supports your back, or place a small pillow behind your lower back. • Wear low-heeled — not flat — shoes with good arch support. • When lifting a small object, squat down and lift with your legs. Don't bend at the waist or lift with your back. It's also important to know your limits. Ask for help if you need it. • Sleep on your side, not your back. Keep one or both knees bent. Consider using pregnancy or support pillows between your bent knees, under your abdomen and behind your back. • Massage or the application of a heating pad or ice pack to your back might help. • Regular physical activity like brisk walking can keep your back strong and might relieve back pain during pregnancy • You can also practice yoga
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Question: i getting heavy back pain after delivery. i had tubectmoy. how to over come back pain?
Answer:  the reason is muscular imbalance during surgery. try these remedies-- @Regular exercise can reduce back pain. Walking is a safe exercise. @Apply hot water bottle on the back pain but before applying it consult with your doctor. @ Use proper posture when working, sitting, or sleeping is a good move. @ Take hot water bath 2 or 3 times in a week.  @ Dip towel in hot water and apply on the back.
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Question: Hello... Im 29 week pregnant, and im suffering from lower back pain.... How can i over come from the pain?
Answer: Hi, you should keep your back posture erect. It is better to do hot water compression two to three times in a day. Try keeping a soft pillow behind your lower back while sitting. Do not bend or sit for a longer time. You can also get a gentle massage done.
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