6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 6 week pregant, facing lose motion from 2 days, is it normal and got pimple near nose, everything is fine with me?

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Answer: Hello dear Loose motions happens due to dehydration,food allergy, indigestion, digestive issues are normal in pregnancy Home remedies for loose motions are as follows... 1. Have buttermilk with little ginger and cumin seeds ,it will stop loose motions 2. U can also have muskmelon juice for couple of days it will cure loose stools 3. Avoid oily,fried item ,spicy items too 4. Drink lot of water , include fresh juice too 5. Apply castor oil on your tummy,it will reduce the heat 6. Have bland food items like rice porridge,curd rice,bread.. 7. Make a habit of drinking cumin water after every meal will help you in digestion.. Dont worry about these pimples as they have come out due to the hormonal changes which are going on recently in ur pregnancy. This pimples are temporary and will go after delivery.
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    Sn P94 days ago

    Thanks alot Shayamala..

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Question: I had Constipation 3-4 days back and now bit of lose motions from yesterday.... is it fine ? I am in week 6 only... plz assist urgently...
Answer: It happens dear.. Not an issue but you must drink sugar & salt water in order to stay hydrated.. Drink coconut water, eat chooda & dahi.. These remedies will stop your constipation pblms.. If case is severe visit doctor.. Hope it helps
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Question: Hii I am 34 th week pregnant and I am facing back ache prblm from 2 days...is it risky?
Answer: Back pain is normal at this stage..its nothing to worry about Follow these steps: Avoid sitting or standing for a long time. Use a stool or a resting chair and avoid standing on one foot. Sit periodically in case you have to stand for a long duration.Sit on chairs that have supportive backs or use pillows at your back, and try to sit up straight.Stand straight with your shoulders relaxed.At work and when driving, consider a lumbar support for your chair. Try not to cross your legs, and check whether the position of your computer screen and chair are correct. Try to move away from your desk regularly and get fresh air at lunchtime.Be careful while getting done with your household work. Avoid heavy strenuous works.Use a warm towel or a heating pad on the lowest setting to provide you comfort.
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Question: I am 5 week 6 days pregnant andI have no vomiting and nausea. Is everything fine with my baby. I am so worried about this
Answer: Hi! Every pregnancy is different and so are the symptoms, its not necessary to face the same challenges during pregnancy, count your blessing that you are not feeling nauseated or vomiting. Its good there is nothing to be worried about. Enjoy your days and good luck!
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