6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am 7 week pregnent . Can you tell me how much desi ghee should i intake ?

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Answer: Hi, you can take ghee in whatever food you cook. Aporix 1-2 teaspoon in a day.
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Question: My last period date was 29 oct so now can you tell me how week pregnent i am
Answer: Hi dear u r 6 week pregnant that means u r 2nd month pregnant.
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Question: Hai,how can i calculate the month from weeks during pregency ? I am 21 week pregenent.can you please tell me how many months i am pregnent ?
Answer: Pregnancy months are NOT counted like calender months you have month 1 is 1-4 weeks month 2 is 5-8 weeks month 3 is 9-13 weeks month 4 is 14-17 weeks month 5 is 18-21 weeks month 6 is 22-26 weeks month 7 is 27-30 weeks month 8 is 31-35 weeks month 9 is 36-40 weeks
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Question: Can eating desi ghee during 9th month brings me to labour pain ? If yes then how much desi ghee can i eat everyday ?
Answer: hi no dear ,there are no scientific studies about the desi ghee bringing contractions so this is not a fact but it's asked to have ghee so that baby would slip down soon but thisbis also a myth. .
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