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Question: I am 40 week pregant can eat papaya..

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Answer: Hi.. Dear if your baby has not arrived by the 40th week of pregnancy, you may start to worry about overdue pregnancy. Rest assured that, usually, an overdue pregnancy is just the result of a miscalculated due date. You may feel heavy and weary at this point, so make sure to get lots of rest. Remember to do your kick counts as they can help you monitor your baby’s health. If your baby is truly overdue, you may need an ultrasound to make sure the baby is still doing well, and your health-care provider may have to induce labor... You can eat papaya at this stage..
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Question: Can we eat papaya in 40 week of pregnancy..?
Answer: A few pieces of ripe papayas wont be a problem dear. avoid raw papaya
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Question: Can I eat chicku i am 6 week pregant
Answer: Hello dear... Yes,you can have chikoo,best fruit to have during pregnancy,it contain electrolyte,vitamin A,and essential nutrients,it is an great energy booster during pregnancy,and it also prevents you from nausea,and keeps morning sickness at bay,this fruit has lot of dietary fibre,which helps in essential functioning of digestive system,and prevents you from constipation,a major issue in pregnancy,and it also nurtures fetal development
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Question: I can eat drumstick leaves i am 15 week pregant
Answer: Hello dear... It is too good to have drumstick leaves during pregnancy,it is laded with lot of iron,helps in baby's development and also helps in formation of blood,thus prevent Anemia,it also contain calcium ,needed for bone development,vitamin A,which is good for eyes and potassium ,niacin helps in overall development of body
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