11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am very much stressed does it effect my baby's growth?

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Answer: Hello Every feeling and emotion effects ur baby as he s connected to u. Try calming down for u and ur baby. Hope I helped
Answer: Yup for sure.... Try to be happy n relax ur mind.....
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Question: I am feeling stressed does it effect my baby ?
Answer: Hiii dear Well if you are stressed it will definitely effect your baby. Do not take any stress if you do so than hormonal changes effects the baby and your baby will be stressed too. If you are happy having fun listening good music your baby will enjoy too. Have a great time your baby will feel relaxed. Baby feels every emotion in mothers womb thats why it is said that mother should be always happy. Good luck Enjoy your motherhood it is so so special.
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Question: I am very much stressed does it effect my baby's growth
Answer: Try a bit of meditation....or read or stories u like, at least for that much time u will be happy....it improves pregnancy health
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Question: If i am eating too much at one time... Does it effect baby growth
Answer: Eating too much at a time will not affect the baby but you. It may create indigestion problem cause during pregnancy our digestive system works very slow. So try to take frequent small meals after every 2 hours. Good luck
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