9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I am uncomfortable to sleep left right side... Its necessary to sleep left or right side ????

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Answer: But now you can sleep straight. Always sleep left side it's good for baby and u too
Answer: Not necessary you can sleep straight or oulta on stomach
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Question: Can i sleep in right side or it is necessary to sleep from left side
Answer: Hello Yes you can sleep on ur left. Just don't sleep on your stomach. Lying down can cause dizziness as the pressure of ur belly can compress a major blood vessel cutting of the blood supply leaving u feeling pukish and dizzy. Lying on ur right is not bad it can just worsen the heart burns. The best way to sleep during ur pregnancy is on ur left. Sleeping in dis position supplies ur uterus with more blood. N ur baby gets a good blood supply. Also the baby gets good blood supply. The liver is positioned slightly on ur right so whn u sleep on ur left u have more room for the baby this means u ll feel baby movements better. Due to the extra space available ur organs relax a bit so u will feel a little better wr ur hurt burns r concerned. Hope I helped
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Question: Hi ,I am pregnant with twins ,its getting uncomfortable to sleep turning on left or right side , please suggest,
Answer: Hi,Dear avoid sleeping belly up that is straight . When you lie belly-up, the weight of your uterus can compress a major blood vessel, called the vena cava, disrupting blood flow to your baby and leaving you nauseated, dizzy, and short of breath.So I understand your concern but what is good has to be followed ,get maternity pillows to support you,so you feel little better,take care.
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Question: Hi, I like to sleep on my right side mostly. I feel very uncomfortable sleeping on my left side. Is it necessary to sleep on left side and is it harmful to sleep on right side?
Answer: You can sleep on both of yr sides its not compulsory to sleep on left ... Dnt sleep straight as it puts pressure on yr uterus
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