Few days old baby

Question: I am unable to give my child breastfeeding but I want to do so please tell me the way by which I can make nipple tip size so easy for baby to feed

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Answer: Just place the nipple shield over your nipple ... when the baby vil start sucking....after few seconds milk vil come...u may feel some sensation like something is being pulled from inside when milk vil come...it's normal....dn press the nipple shield over your nipple in such a way so as to create vaccum
Answer: Acha ye i baat he,aap apne fa ily doctor se baat karlo
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Question: I am using nipple sheild while breastfeeding ,what is the proper way to increase nipple size?
Answer: Hi Dear! Only way is latching, if the latching is correct the nipple size or shapd wont matter, pls follow deep latch technique the entire areola needs to be sucked on and not only the nipple, so try and help the baby latch correctly, it will be fine soon.. Good luck!
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